CPS of the Year

CPS of the Year

The Certified Prevention Specialist of the Year award is presented each year to a Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) who has demonstrated excellence and whose service has made a significant impact in the field of prevention.

Call for Nominations for CPS of the Year 2024!

We will be seeking nominations for the 2024 CPS of the Year soon.

Nominees must be currently certified as prevention specialists in good standing by the Prevention Certification Board of NH. Click here to view the current list of certified prevention specialists.

Previous CPS of the Year Winners

  • 2023 Melissa Lee
  • 2022 Kimberly Haley
  • 2021 Elizabeth Brochu
  • 2020 Jacqueline Baker
  • 2019 Mary Forsythe Taber
  • 2018 Traci Fowler
  • 2017 Kelleen Gaspa
  • 2016 Timothy Lena
  • 2015 Susan McKeown