Reciprocity into New Hampshire

Prevention specialists certified by an IC&RC member board who relocate to New Hampshire (NH) may transfer their credential to the NH Prevention Certification Board (NHPCB) using the reciprocity process. No additional requirements will have to be met by the certified prevention specialist using this process to transfer their prevention certification to NH. To begin the reciprocity process, the certified prevention specialist must contact their current credentialing board and request a reciprocity application. Upon completion of the reciprocity application by both the certified prevention specialist and the current credentialing board and upon receipt of this completed information by the NH Prevention Certification Board, the equivalent certification for prevention specialist will be offered to the candidate through the reciprocity agreement by the NH Prevention Certification Board.

Reciprocity out of  New Hampshire

Prevention Specialists certified by the NHPCB who relocate to another state, country, or nation may transfer their prevention specialist certification to the new jurisdiction using the reciprocity process only if the new jurisdiction is an IC&RC member board. Reciprocity to a non-IC&RC member board is not permitted. Additional requirements may be imposed upon the certified prevention specialist depending on the laws and regulations governing the certification of prevention specialists in the new jurisdiction. Therefore, certified prevention specialists are strongly encouraged to contact the IC&RC member board in the new jurisdiction to determine if any additional requirements must be met. To begin the reciprocity process, certified prevention specialists must contact the NHPCB at and request a reciprocity application. Upon completion of the reciprocity application by both the certified prevention specialists and the NHPCB and upon receipt of this information by the certification board in the new jurisdiction, that board will then issue the certified prevention specialists the equivalent certification offered unless laws or regulations governing the certification of prevention specialists in the new jurisdiction must first be met.

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